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Mon Dec 31 10:18:51 EST 2001
Thanks to all who have posted. I wish you all a blessed and productive New Year. Love, Thea
Thea Devine

Wed Dec 26 13:40:49 EST 2001
I really have enjoyed all of your books and cannot wait to read the next one when it comes out in print.
wanda kirby
Waynesville, NC United States
Fri Dec 21 15:06:11 EST 2001
I just wanted to let you know that I really love your books.
Tonya Hooten
Lominta, CA USA
Mon Nov 26 20:14:57 EST 2001
Great Web Site I love it!
Dorothy L. Rinehart <http://www.rinokids.com>
Sumter, SC United States
Sun Nov 25 17:23:36 EST 2001
your books are my favorite ones to read!
Dee Rosser
Fort Walton Beach, FL Okaloosa
Tue Nov 20 13:19:02 EST 2001
Thea, I love your books!
Eugene, OR 97403
Mon Nov 5 17:28:00 EST 2001
You write great stuff! I haven't read much before but I definitely will now.
Ava C.
St. Louis, MO USA
Thu Nov 1 16:22:34 EST 2001
I just read the excerpt from your newest book due out in January. I'm hoping that I can buy a copy at the Romance Writers convention on November 17th. It certainly is vintage Thea Devine and I can't wait to read it.
Pat Buehler
Wed Oct 31 17:20:30 EST 2001
Dear Ms. Devine...............I have read only one book of yours,it is called, "Secret Pleasures". I really enjoyed this book. Need to read the rest of them. Thanks God Bless You and your family
AlexisRodriguezAdams <24 East 103St. Apt.1W>
Sat Oct 20 11:08:11 EDT 2001
My compliments to the woman who puts my innermost fantasies on paper.
Julie Hoyt
Hilton Head Island, SC USA
Sat Oct 13 22:09:48 EDT 2001
Thea I have read all your books that I can. Please keep your erotic romance stories coming. Barbara
Barbara A. Mosley
Memphis, Tn. Shalby
Sat Oct 13 11:33:24 EDT 2001
I really enjoy your website.
Jennifer Tanton
Gloverville, SC usa
Thu Oct 11 13:26:29 EDT 2001
Hello, I just finished my second DEVINE book, Seductive, I really like her writing style but don't come across many of her books in the stores. She is definitely one of my favorites.
Lisa Anderson
citrus heights, ca United States
Thu Sep 27 12:10:14 EDT 2001
Thu Sep 27 08:54:34 EDT 2001
I stumbled across you by accident when buying a book that had a story written by you in it along with 3 other authors. What a find! I love your work. I love reading erotica, especially stories set in the victorian times. Since finding out about you, I have managed to read all that you have written. Keep up the good work!
Kelly Dodson
Coffeyville, KS United States
Fri Sep 21 11:46:47 EDT 2001
Hello Thea, Thank you for the nice reply to my comments. I have a very grown up gal manuscript I would like to submit, but have been told it is a bit too spicey for most cat. lines. I notice you write for Kensington. I don't want to sound like an idiot, but would you be willing to reveal the editor that buys you work? I read the article about you in RWA and loved your outlook on writeing what you feel. I know there is a big market out there for good, realistic sexy books. I love them and will keep buying them as long as they are for sale. Back to basics again. Do you write both short and long books? I haven't been able to book shop for some time, but I intend to make a special search for Thea books this weekend. Thanks for letting me bend your ear this morning. Betty Womack
Betty Womack
Kansas City, MO USA
Mon Sep 17 16:58:28 EDT 2001
You write the way I have always wanted to. Keep it up. We need grown up gal books.
Betty Womack
Kansas City, Mo USA
Fri Sep 7 09:22:33 EDT 2001
Just a note to thank all of you who have posted. It's been a strange spring and summer: we moved -- and we had a death in the family, two transitions that require enormous adjustments. Your enthusiasm for the books is so heartwarming and it's really kept me going these past months. I hope you'll be happy to hear my next new erotic novel is scheduled for July 02, and that DESIRE ME ONLY is to be reissued in the keeper trade format(th ecover is luscious)in January 02. And of course, NO MERCY, my novella in the October contemporary tales of erotic romance "All Through the Night" will be out in October. Excerpts and the covers should up on the site very soon. Once again, my deep appreciation for your taking the time to comment in the guestbook. It means a lot to me. Love, Thea
Thea Devine

Fri Aug 31 00:43:19 EDT 2001
Sat Aug 25 20:43:48 EDT 2001
I was recently introduced to your writing. I have enjoyed every word on every page. I have ordered all of your other books that I missed. Thanks for sharing such pleasure.
Darlene Howard <P.O. Box 90025>
Phoenix, AZ U.S.A.
Wed Aug 22 22:12:20 EDT 2001
Wed Aug 22 02:24:54 EDT 2001
Yipee!!!Another book coming out in October!!! My bookstore knows to put aside any of your books for me.
Sharon Yool
Newark, CA U.S.A.
Tue Aug 21 23:17:26 EDT 2001
HI! I just read your book "Seductive". It's the first time I've ever read any of your books. WOW!!! I'll be back for more. Have a Blessed day. Debbi :)
debbi dayton
edgewater, co 80214
Tue Aug 21 12:33:26 EDT 2001
I love your books! Just started reading them early this year, and now am hunting for the ones I don't have. Please keep them coming.
Jo Ann Thornton
Natchez, MS USA
Mon Aug 20 10:09:52 EDT 2001
Just to let you know that you also have a fan in Europe. Even in a small country like the Netherlands we enjoy Thea´s Books !!!
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tue Aug 7 22:07:15 EDT 2001
Just finished Cativated, It was like NOTHNG I had ever read & I have been reading Romance Novels for about 20 yrs. Have started Fascinated, & only put it down to e-mail you. I never knew Erotic Romance even existed!! I'm hooked!!!!
Elaine Segreto
Milford, CT USA
Fri Jul 27 16:46:17 EDT 2001
Hi Thea, just a quick note to say that you are one of my favorite authors, if not the best. I enjoy your stories and the way you create the scenes in your writing. You, Ms. Small, Ms. Schone and Ms. D. Joy keep me in books, and I have no problem waiting until your creative juices begin to flow for that next book. Keep the exotic romance coming.
Mae Lee
San Antonio, TX USA
Wed Jul 18 09:50:06 EDT 2001
I started reading your books last year, and loved them. I am now trying to find back issues, and I'm looking forward to All Through the Night in October!!!!
Greenwood, Ar seb
Sat Jul 14 00:58:34 EDT 2001
Sorry to take up more space, but I just wanted to let you know that your books are read by all age groups. I'm 19, and discovered you books when I was 18. They have alittle of everyone in them! :)
Lorraine N.
Toronto, ON Canada
Sat Jul 14 00:50:11 EDT 2001
HOT! HOT! HOT! Enough said! :)
Lorraine N.
Toronto, ON Canada
Thu Jul 5 17:09:58 EDT 2001
ms devine. i love your books i have read about 5. i am having trouble finding your books in my local bookstores. is there some other way. i have tried all over. a devoted fan. barbara
barbara boucher
bristol, ct united states
Tue Jul 3 07:33:37 EDT 2001
Ms. Devine I discovered your books in 1999 and I've been trying to find all of them ever since. I always enjoy reading them. Please don't ever turn down the heat.
Greenville, KY USA
Sun Jun 17 20:29:12 EDT 2001
Just finished Seduction, I now need to hunt the stores for more. Thea, your writing is wonderful, and the characters are so real. Thankyou for a few interesting evenings and a lot of incredible ideas!
Toronto, Canada
Sat Jun 16 15:39:57 EDT 2001
I'm a newcomer (no pun intended, of course} to your books, and I have to say that you are now one of my new favorite writers. I hope to write the kind of books that you create and you've given me so much inspiration that I can't begin to thank you. Keep writing those great, steamy books and I'll keep obsessively searching auctions and Amazon to collect them. Good luck in the future!
Rebecca <http://www.red-jack.com/~beck>

Fri Jun 15 12:36:15 EDT 2001
Ms. Devine, I really enjoy your novels. I just wish that your books came out more often then they do. I just recently started reading your novels by purchasing them through auctions, because I was unable to find your books at the bookstore.I hope to see more books by you in the near future.
Katrice Ballard
Detroit, MI America
Thu Jun 14 00:43:51 EDT 2001
Dear Thea: I really love your novels! I have been reading your novels for quite some time, and I think you only get better & better! Keep up the good work! Thanks for so many hours of reading pleasure!
Julie Stroup
Mt. Sterling, OH USA
Wed Jun 13 19:48:25 EDT 2001
Just finished Seduction...they're getting faster and more furious as you go on...there's never a good man or strong fan when you need them!!! I eagerly await your next adventure! Brava!!!!
Apopka, fl 32712
Mon Jun 11 22:53:07 EDT 2001
Just finished reading seductive. It was passed on to me from a friend. We both loved it and are anxious to go and find another of your books. Thanks!
Katie VanHoveln
Bourbonnais, IL USA
Fri Jun 8 11:00:37 EDT 2001
Your books live up to your name "devine". I will buy any book with your name on it and sit up for an all night reading... I can't put it down until I'm finished. Keep up the good work!
Janice Wint
Kingston, Jamaica
Tue Jun 5 10:03:14 EDT 2001
To everyone who's posted recently, many thanks. I haven't had a chance to send you a personal message because we've just moved and I'm two weeks into unpacking with no end in sight and deadlines looming. Nevertheless, your heartfelt messages are deeply appreciated. Thank you so much. Will I see some of you in New Orleans? I hope so. With love, Thea

Tue Jun 5 02:06:43 EDT 2001
I just finished reading Seductive and it was truly splendid I would recommend this book to any one
Ummil Muhammad
Colton, Ca USA
Sun Jun 3 00:18:44 EDT 2001
Thank you Thea for all the enjoyable hours! Your books were first recommended to me through the Romantic Times magazine for readers who enjoyed Bertrice Small and Susan Johnson. Imagine my surprise to see all three of you in an anthology. It's is nice to have writers like you committing our fantasies to paper. Keep writing and thanks!
E.M. Powell
Edmonton, AB Canada
Thu May 31 14:02:38 EDT 2001
In recent years I've read mostly light mysteries or books with interesting titles (i.e., Slow Dancing on Dinosaur Bones, It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car is Full of Sheep, Time Stops for No Mouse, etc.). Then, a friend gave me a book by Elizabeth Lowell with the promise that I would enjoy it. Well, I did -- and subsequently enjoyed reading everything else I could find that she has written. In my search for Ms. Lowell's books, I also discovered Linda Howard, Diana Palmer -- and you -- and, over the months and years, have found and read most of what you all have written. Now, all I have to see is a new book by any of you four and I buy it. Your books, however, are especially welcome. I'm almost 62 years old, married to a wonderful man who is 15 years older than I am and not in good health. So, the sexual part of my married life is pretty much a thing of the past; however, your books -- more than any of the others -- make me realize that my memory is still alive and well. My husband was never as "larger than life" as your heroes, but we had a very exciting and rewarding sex life for many years, and I thank you for books that remind me of those years.
Mary Beth Ierulli
Eugene , OR USA
Tue May 22 02:01:56 EDT 2001
Hello I have always enjoyed your books. Your latest books just burn up the pages. When i have one of your books I can't wait to get started on it. And usually can't put it down till i have finished it. You have such talent. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of reading. Would love to hear from any more fans out there. Thanks Belinda Steele
Belinda Steele
Ft. Worth, Tx USA
Thu May 17 17:43:32 EDT 2001
Your books are awesome...I've read all that I can find!! Keep up the great work...You write like I think. thanks so much...
Shelley Dayman
apopka, fl 32712
Thu May 17 16:13:35 EDT 2001
Just want to say, I thoroughly enjoy your books. I love the characters. It's too bad the males in your books are few and far between. I run to the bookstore to see if any of your books are out.
Katrina Pilon
Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Mon May 14 23:19:49 EDT 2001
Hi Thea.Just discovered your book Secret Pleasures and it was very good.I was just wondering if you had ever thought of writing a book about vampires.just curious.Anyway keep up the great writing and looking forward to more.
harrisburg, PA USA-North America
Wed May 9 15:27:01 EDT 2001
Dear Ms. Devine: After reading Captivated, I ventured to Barnes and Noble to purchase Seductive and Secret Pleasures. Finally, I have found a writer who delves into a world that we have experienced but you are the devine one who has put onto paper our most intimate desires. You are absolutely fabulous and truly devine! It only took me one day to read each of these fabulous books. You can be sure you have a devotee forever! Sincerely, Denise Gonzalez
Denise Gonzalez
Bronx, NY USA
Wed May 9 09:13:19 EDT 2001
I have just finished reading Seductive. It is the first book of yours that I have read. truly wonderful...I hope to be able to read more.. Thank you

Sun May 6 14:35:07 EDT 2001
Hi Thea, Just to say "Hi" and I finally got to your webpage. Edith
Edith Bron Chiong
Belleville, NJ USA
Wed May 2 09:52:49 EDT 2001
I just finished reading Seductive. It was the best book I've read so far. Keep on Writing. PAM
Pamela Fehnel
Easton, PA USA
Mon Apr 30 13:02:19 EDT 2001
To Carrie, and everyone, I'm pleased to tell you DESIRE ME ONLY will be reissued January 2002. I'm not sure yet about plans for further re-publication of my backlist, but you all can look forward to a contemporary tales of erotic romance in October, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, in which I have a novella, "No Mercy," and there is another erotic historical tales of romance scheduled for 2002 as well. I'll post as soon as I have the information. Meantime, I want to thank you all again for your kindness, your enthusiasm, your encouragement. It really means a lot to me. With love, Thea
Thea Devine

Mon Apr 30 01:02:51 EDT 2001
I enjoy reading your books, are the out of print books ever going to be back in circulaiton?
mclouth, ks us
Sat Apr 28 11:21:17 EDT 2001
As a male fan I appreciate the insight given into the matrix of physical and emotional intimacy. Looking forward to reading Seductive!
Dylan Thorton

Tue Apr 24 18:54:10 EDT 2001
Love your books, they certainly have helped my empty nest syndrome, now I'm glad all the children are gone and I have to time to read! Mary
Mary T. Hollifield
Rossville, GA United States
Mon Apr 23 08:23:46 EDT 2001

Sat Apr 21 18:30:37 EDT 2001
I enjoy reading your books.
Toni Dowdy
Burlington, NJ USA
Sat Apr 14 00:54:11 EDT 2001
Bravo, bravo, just finished Seductive & I have been telling everyone to read it! Telling all of the married men that they should give it to their wives as a gift & that they should read it. I can't wait for the next book to come out.
Theresa Diane Miller
San Diego, CA USA
Wed Apr 11 23:37:51 EDT 2001
Someone told me that they really enjoyed your books so I stopped by to check out your booklist and site. Can't wait to read one. What is your favorite?
Joy Hoormann
O Fallon, MO 63366
Tue Apr 10 15:57:46 EDT 2001
Love all your books! Keep 'em coming==Kathi
Kathleen A. Flint
Milwaukie, OR United States
Thu Apr 5 13:29:59 EDT 2001
hi thea: i just finish reading seductive a most fabulous book i love all your books i wish i could get of hold of some of your early stuff. you write women dream of sex and a mystery man at least i do anyway.keep up the good work. lisa dunn
Melisa Dunn
louisville, ky jefferson
Wed Apr 4 15:22:34 EDT 2001
I just started reading your books and so far, I really love them!
Carson, Ca USA
Tue Apr 3 17:38:35 EDT 2001
Love your books-keep up the great work
Anitta Orr
Montauk, ny USA
Tue Apr 3 14:05:40 EDT 2001
Thea, Your novels are wonderful! You're a great inspiration to aspiring writers like myself. Keep up the good work!
Tresa Chituck
Butler, GA USA
Tue Apr 3 13:17:25 EDT 2001
No one writes it like Thea Devine does. I search all the local book stores for copies of your books. There are few books that I do not loan out and you're among the few. I keep every one I can get my hands on. Thanks for giving your readers very good sexual writing without being pornographic. Keep up the good work.
Sandy Lee
Bremerton, WA USA
Sat Mar 31 08:39:04 EST 2001
Thea, Hello! I'm so excited to get a chance to say Hi! I've been an avid follower for many years! I LOVE YOUR NOVELS!! :) I find myself counting the months and weeks until your release date! You are truly the "Queen of Romance/Erotica" Please know that there are many women who eagerly await your talented, exciting, romantic, erotic, seductive writings! ( my husband eagerly awaits there arrival too! He loves the amorous effects secondary to reading Ms.Devine!:) ) I'm reading Seductive at the present time and I find I have to pace myself so that I won't finish the book to quickly! It's like a good meal....you want to savor it forever! :) Well, I could go on and on..... just know that you are truly appreciated and loved! @--<--<--
Bonita Camak
OwingsMills, MD 21117
Tue Mar 27 22:37:23 EST 2001
Hi Thea, I read your interview on Ellora's cave and i also read their review of Seductive. I can't wait for it to hit the bookstores. I love your books.
San Diego,
Sun Mar 11 22:02:27 EST 2001
I am a big fan of Thea Devine's books. I am trying to get them all and I will be a collector from now on. Please, keep writing!!!
Candice Stone
San Diego, CA
Tue Mar 6 16:39:03 EST 2001
It was great meeting you. I am running out to buy your books right now. Good luck !! Lou-Ann
Lou-Ann Smith <www.louannloans.com>
Ridgefield, Ct USA
Thu Feb 22 10:14:51 EST 2001
Your books are wonderfully exciting and I continue to search out your old books at the used book stores while looking forward to each new one.
Pat Buehler <610 S. BREVARD AVE. UNIT 934>
Tue Feb 20 20:49:21 EST 2001
Love your books. Keep the erotica coming!! Never stop.
Shannon Avalos
Corpus Christi, TX
Mon Jan 29 14:52:57 EST 2001
Thea, I have enjoyed every one of your books. I happened to stumble upon one of your books in aused book store down on Cape Cod and ever since I had to track down all of your books I could find. I hope there is only one maybe two I haven't found, but I love your books immensely! Great writing! Can't wait for your new book from Kensington
sharon decastro
Guilford, ME USA
Mon Jan 29 11:28:32 EST 2001
I have read all you books. I enjoyed every one of them.
Joan <MSN Home Page>
Ridgefield Pk, nj USA
Sun Jan 28 16:02:38 EST 2001
Thea, I can't get enough of your books. I have been reading your work for two years and you have never fail to disappoint me. I look forward to reading your latest novel. Just keep them coming.
Deborah Dugger
Jacksonville, FL USA
Sat Jan 27 06:41:31 EST 2001
Have yet to read any of your books.Awaiting a copy of sinful secrets
Jo Dipple
Burton, Staffs England
Fri Jan 26 22:16:56 EST 2001
i love all of your books read them all
Pauline Rogers <not yet>
Pasadena , MD usa
Fri Jan 26 22:05:34 EST 2001
I do enjoy your books so much. Thank you for writing them
Sandra Van Coevering
Ann Arbor , Mi USA
Sun Jan 21 17:03:30 EST 2001
I love all your books!
Marcie Bernard
Lafayette, La USA
Thu Jan 18 12:04:38 EST 2001
Thea, Very elegant site, I love the colors and velvet borders. I had so much fun sharing a drink with you and Elizabeth Darrach at the RT Conf. Meeting you and other successful writers makes having a career as a writer seem more real and possible. You were so gracious and generous with your time and tips. Thank you! p.s. wow, the techniques I'm learning from studying your books - writing techniques of course : )
Beverly Hill van Joolen
Monterey, CA 93940
Thu Jan 18 09:35:46 EST 2001
Thea, awsome web site! The picture in the biography is beautiful. I missed you guys this Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm so glad the books are still coming. Congratulations. Love your fan and niece, Amy
Amy S. Devine
Katonah, NY USA
Wed Jan 17 23:59:36 EST 2001
Absolutely the most erotic writting I have ever read!!! LOVED it!! I read faster than anyone I read writes! (Understandable) I envy you your talent!! THANK YOU!!!!
Patricia Kratz
Powder Springs, Ga USA
Wed Jan 17 15:36:07 EST 2001
Love your books, but wish they would have the sexy step back covers.
Dollie Huskey
DeSoto, MO. USA
Tue Jan 16 15:25:36 EST 2001
Dear Thea, the first book of yours that I ever read was "Desire Me Only", and I've been hooked ever since. I search out your books in every store that sells books, new and used. You are difficult to find, but well worth the search. Thanks for the great stories.
Cheryl Bledsoe
Lane, OK 74555
Tue Jan 16 07:40:39 EST 2001
Oops -- I mean appreciative, of course. Thanks to everyone.
Thea Devine

Mon Jan 15 11:10:09 EST 2001
Greetings to everyone who was so kind to post in the guestbook. I want to tell you again how appreciate I am of all your kind comments, encouragement and good wishes. I will have a magnet of the cover of SEDUCTIVE; if anyone would like one, let me know: TheaDevine@AOL.com.
Thea Devine

Mon Jan 15 01:10:16 EST 2001
Hello Thea and fellow enthusiasts! I see that I'm not the only one that has a hard time locating Thea's books. I just found this site by plugging in her name. Will try to order some from Amazon I guess, but I hope to win an autographed one too! Thea--- Your work is wonderful and perfectly suited to my taste!! I have always loved reading romance, I used to be in the "closet" about it, but since I've been grown up, I find it a great escape and yes, my husband benefits from it. I never knew this genre was out there, and now I find I can enjoy a more adult theme with overtones of love in your plots. Love it and looking forward to more! I still have lots to catch up on. All the best, Vanin
vanin wells
houston, tx
Thu Jan 11 23:47:44 EST 2001
Thea, i have been reading your books for a few years now, but only the ones i can find. i would really like to know where i can get the rest of them. i just through with Facinated, ahh, it was wonderful! keep em coming!!
nich., ky usa
Tue Jan 9 12:15:12 EST 2001
Hi Thea, I met you at the last 2 Romantic Times Convention. I adore you books, keep them coming. Sarah
Sarah Maharaj
Tampa, FL USA
Sat Jan 6 21:27:18 EST 2001
Hi Thea, it was great to see you today. Enjoyed your talk on Erotica. I have to read Sinful Secrets. Read all the rave reviews from your fans. It's nice to know that your hard work is appreciated and enjoyed. Talk to you soon Love, Laura
Laura Salerno
Flushing, NY USA
Fri Jan 5 22:15:48 EST 2001
I have been a fan of yours for years. I have read and loved every single one of your books. Keep up the good work!
Frances Solis
San Antonio, TX USA
Fri Jan 5 03:41:22 EST 2001
Hi Thea, Thanks for the great books you have been writing! Can't wait for your new release. Happy writing and have a happy 2001.
Mandy Lee
Wed Dec 27 22:48:08 EST 2000
ms. devine, I just wanted to let you know that your work is amazing and I can not wait until your new book is released. WOW WOW WOW! If it's aything like what I've seen before, then I'll not be disappointed.
brandi evans
riverside, ca united states
Wed Dec 27 00:04:36 EST 2000
I recently read both your short stories in Captivated and Fascinated and I am hooked. I have always enjoyed steamy romance novels, but these stories exceeded even my wild imagination. I look forward to reading all of your novels and short stories. Thank you.
Elisabeth Rossman
San Francisco, CA USA
Mon Dec 25 15:37:51 EST 2000
I'm a new fan and wish I had found you sooner!!! I'll have a great time catching up though!!!! I also have gotten my freinds hooked. Can't wait for the new one....

Sun Dec 24 09:31:51 EST 2000
Happy and blessed holidays to everyone. Thea
Thea Devine

Sat Dec 16 08:51:43 EST 2000
Only recently started to read your books..Not normally my genre..But,yes they are very good..
Jennifer Le Cerf
nsw australia
Wed Dec 13 18:57:12 EST 2000
Just finished "FASCINATED" You just out do your self every book. I couldn't have had Santa ( who look's alot like TD. a nicer Christmas Present. THANK YOU Merry Christmas love Donna
Donna Rusch
Walden, CO USA
Fri Dec 8 02:28:32 EST 2000
Thanks for allowing me to sign your guestbook. Tanis
Tanis Fregin
Mountlake Terrace, WA US
Tue Dec 5 00:58:00 EST 2000
Hi Thea, I enjoy your books. You can really make the steam come off the pages. Thank you so much for all the wonderful hours of reading. Looking forward to getting this new book you have out. Sounds like a winner. I already have many of your books on my keeper shelves. I plan on taking some time off after Christmas. I will be curling up with your latest for sure. Would love to hear from you anytime. Happy Holidays. Belinda
Ft. Worth, Tx USA
Wed Nov 29 14:35:25 EST 2000
Just finished reading FASCINATED. What a sizzling read! Have both trade and book club copies. Wish I could get them autographed. You're great. Teresa
Teresa Mendes
Newmarket, ON Canada
Sat Nov 25 12:13:34 EST 2000
Love your books...You're a great author!!!!
Karen Ash <290 Campfield Rd>
Newark, DE USA
Mon Nov 20 10:26:39 EST 2000
Thanks for writing about strong women who know what they want and know how to get it. I'll buy anything with your name on it.
Winter Haven, Fl US
Sat Nov 18 08:02:25 EST 2000
I love all of your books just got and finish Captivated and Fascinated very good books Please keep on writting them and i will buy them Thanking you Patches1234@msn.com
Pauline Rogers
Pasadena, Md USA
Mon Nov 13 23:14:02 EST 2000
Thea, I am so glad you finally got a website. Your books are so hot and steamy and I look foward to more of them. Anytime someone comes into the used bookstore I work at and they are looking for some serious erotica, I always recommend you because your books are scorchers! Thanks for the great reading!
Courtney Bowden
Irving, TX
Mon Nov 6 17:24:05 EST 2000
I have read a lot of your recent work and have just started to read your older works. Absolutely fabulous! You have quite an extraordinary writer's imagination. All I can say is keep on writing.
Kim Owens
Tallahassee, FL USA
Thu Nov 2 21:36:48 EST 2000
Reading IS Fundamental!!!!! Thank God for writers like you, who make living in these trying times, just a little bit easier. Thank You & God Bless, Dawn McKelvey
Angela McKelvey
Tucson, AZ USA
Tue Oct 31 13:56:26 EST 2000
I have read many of your books and I think they're great. I'm looking forward to reading many more of them. My husband loves it when I read parts to him. He enjoys the benefits of my reading your books as well. Thanks for the fun. Joetta
Joetta Brown
Oakley, CA USA
Sun Oct 29 21:41:59 EST 2000
I'm glad I found your site...now your on my list of favorites.
Margaret Murray-Evans
Knoxville, TN USA
Tue Oct 24 08:15:23 EDT 2000
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's taken the time to post in the guestbook and at the bulletin board. I so appreciate your comments and your enthusiasm for the books.
Thea Devine

Mon Oct 23 19:35:07 EDT 2000
My first intro into the wonderful world of erotica was the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice. I couldn't get enough, and then I found the Black Lace line, which is also great!!! It's nice to know that more woman are finally writing mature books that are a joy to read. Thank so much. P.S. My fiance loves them too...
Alexandria Trevino
Olive Branch, MS USA
Sun Oct 22 18:42:11 EDT 2000
Hello, I really enjoyed reading your books. I have almost all of your books. I love your erotic, historical, love stories. Keep up the great work!!
Phuong Tran

Tue Oct 10 16:50:10 EDT 2000
Ms. Devine is my favorite all time writer. It's an honor to sigh this guest book and convey my appreciation for her work.
Atlanta, GA
Mon Oct 9 16:18:55 EDT 2000
It was wonderful meeting you at BDalton in Salisbury Saturday. Am so glad that you did a booksigning in my neighboring town. Am reading your newest book now. You GO Girl!! Thea, you've got what it takes, plus.
Mary Cox-Bilz <http://www/reallygoodauthorsonline.com/MaryCoxBilz>
East New Market, Md usa
Tue Oct 3 07:15:22 EDT 2000
Hi Thea, I have read all of your books and enjoyed them a lot,I can not wait for next set of books to come out this year and next year as well. Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson
Fair Haven, N.J U>S.A
Tue Sep 26 16:28:49 EDT 2000
I started reading Romance a few years ago, I subscribed to Writer Space Reader newsletter and it's marvelous for introducing me to more authors. You will be on my list of authors to watch for.
Joan <http://www.geocities.com/zvdog>
DeForest, WI USA
Sat Sep 23 16:18:33 EDT 2000
Hi Thea: I'm really enjoying looking at your new site. Can't wait for the new book to be out. We all love your books because they're so hot, hot, hot! Keep up the good work! Eileen - M & M Paperback Exchange
Walden, NY USA
Sat Sep 23 13:03:55 EDT 2000
Thea, Love your books, After reading Night Moves, I went and a search for all your outof print books and found most of them. When is your next book coming and what is it about.
Brenda Gill
South Bend, IN USA
Tue Sep 19 17:01:36 EDT 2000
I'm really looking forward to reading more of your books. Just read my first one by you last week and I loved it. Your name had been mentioned on RRA-l many times, so I thought I would check them out. I am so glad I did.
Johnnie Evans
Hampton, AR USA
Tue Sep 19 16:22:09 EDT 2000
I love your books. Can't wait for next book. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyable reading.
Baltimore, Md USA
Tue Sep 19 15:25:28 EDT 2000
Fascinated sounds like an amazing story; anything with Beatrice Small has my attention!
Lynn Goodale

Mon Sep 18 19:14:01 EDT 2000
Can't wait to read it!
Harriet Smith
Enid, OK USA
Mon Sep 18 16:12:10 EDT 2000
Dear Thea, So glad you are on Writer's Space. It's the best place to be! I can't wait to see how Regina makes out after tangling with Jeremy!!! I only have a little more time to wait until I can get my hot little hands on a copy of FASCINATED. Love, Suzanne Coleburn
Suzanne Coleburn <http://www.geocities.com/bellesandbeaux>
Berlin, MD USA
Mon Sep 18 14:55:14 EDT 2000
Romance at it's HOTTEST! Love your books! Keep them coming!
Patricia Kratz
Powder Springs, Ga USA
Mon Sep 18 12:17:32 EDT 2000
Great web site....am hooked on your books.
Peggy Watson

Sat Sep 16 22:13:35 EDT 2000
The site is beautiful and elegant, like your writing
Barb Findley
Spring, TX USA
Sat Sep 16 17:59:28 EDT 2000
Really nice site
Pamela Stone <myshelf.com>
Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Sat Sep 9 00:47:17 EDT 2000
Thea, your the best:) Thanks for the great books
Esther C.
San Diego, Ca USA
Tue Sep 5 00:23:43 EDT 2000
Welcome to Writerspace, Thea!
Cissy <http://www.writerspace.com>

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