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Desire Me Only
Kensington Books, January 2002
ISBN: 0758200978

Beyond thought...
Beyond reason...
Beyond their wildest dreams...

... Do what you will...

And they did, they came in the dead of night when no one could see them and everyone else was intent on the same voluptuous gratification.

No ghosts - then; only the rocketing sound of permissive sex with anyone and everyone, and the moans of slaked desire and aroused need.

She made an anguished little sound at the back of her throat.

Do what you will...

No one had to give them permission; they took what they wanted. He had said so himself. Had he not taken her kiss, and with it the protective covering with which she had shrouded herself for more than a year? She hadn't expected it, she hadn't wanted it.

She hadn't known she wanted it.

But now she did.

The thought made her shudder.

She did.

Do what you will...

In the silence, where no one could find her, where morality and scruples were inconsequential, she could surrender to the illusion of lust without conscience or consequences.

Why, why had she let him paint those sensual verbal pictures - why hadn't she acted indignant and offended and just gotten the hell away from him?

Because she hadn't been repulsed, she had been aroused, and she was now paying the price of having opened herself up to all those forbidden thoughts and yearnings.

She itched to touch the creamy upholstery of the sofas in the seraglio, to sink her bare feet into the rough texture of the carpet, to lie naked on the velvet sofa where a lover would come and take her and she would only know him by his touch and the feel of him possessing her.

This, this was what he unleashed with his Judas kiss and his gospel of carnality.

This, this, this - her skin ached to be touched - oh, but no -- she had foresworn that when her husband died. She had adhered to the discipline, she had closed herself down, made herself immune from all those feelings and all those needs.

Do what you will...

Her body was hot with longing. There was no sound but her thrumming pulse and errant heartbeat as down the corridor she went and into the library. A moment's hesitation at the door before she pushed it open. A black hole loomed before her and she stepped cautiously into the void.

Down the steps, shining her candlelight on the ornate double doors of the voudrais.

Permission begged and granted.

She pushed open the doors and paused on the parapet.

Darkness all around her. And silence, a thick voluptuous silence. She could just see a rim of dim light under the golden doors of the seraglio.

She removed her wrapper, and her slippers.

He was waiting, she had known he would be waiting.

He was waiting for her...

Desire Me Only
Kensington Books
January 2002

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