The Pleasure Game
Kensington Books, October 2000

"... so — now we are alone," she said boldly. "Tell me, Jeremy, if you were with your mistress tonight, what would you do now?"

"I'd tell her she was a fool," he said roughly, "and that's she's green as glass and twice as fragile, and a man would crush her to pieces just with his hands, she's so breakable."

"Well, we keep coming back to the main purpose. Teach me."

"You don't know what you ask."

"Then tell me. I want to know everything."

"And how honest shall I be?" he demanded violently. "Where they list you in the Whoremonger's Guide depends on who is paying how much to fuck you. And for all that money, you have no life. You belong to your lord every minute of the day, even if he never comes to you. You spread your legs at his will and whim, and he'll take you every which way he can think of, and ten more ways besides. He owns your naked body, every inch of it, and you hope to hell he never tires of you. That is the life of a mistress, my lady who has never been touched, barely been kissed, and knows nothing about anything. And there is nothing romantic about it in the least."

But there was, there was. Every word made her body twinge, every image made her shake with excitement.

"But you will teach me how to please a man," she whispered. She licked her lips and the movement arrested his attention. She saw then that he was wavering -- he wanted to, he didn't, he couldn't, how could he not -- and she shrugged and turned away. "Or someone else will."

"You do love using that threat, my lady. You'd come crawling home in a day, your innocence pounded to a pulp and so sore between your legs, you'd never want to leave your father's house in this lifetime."

"Then you do it. You. Teach me everything I need to know."

"Goddamn hell ... "

"Fine," she whispered, turning away.

Two steps and he had her, pulling her roughly against him. "It is not fine, do you hear? It is not fine, but if you're aching to be fucked, then goddamn it — I am the man to do it, and you'd better learn to please me quickly, my lady, because as of this moment, I hold you to every promise you made in this room ..."

Kensington Books
October 2000
ISBN: 1575666065

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