A Kensington Trade Paperback July 2000

... "You didn't want him." His voice pierced the awful silence.

She looked up, startled. Roak!

"You know nothing about what I want," she said ruthlessly, resentful of the fact he had found her in the one place he had plainly told her not to go.

"I proved last night that I did."

Had he not? No! She didn't want to remember that he was every bit as big and powerful as ... What would it be like to contain that power?

"What do you want?" Her voice was harsh..

"I will be your lover."

"What?" He read my mind — he saw inside of me ... "You are crazy, Roak."

"And you are hungry for sensation and too innocent to play games with the likes of them. I'm safe, my lady —and if you must court danger, consider: your life is in my hands already."

She stared into his impassive face. "I don't think so.

Obviously you are here for some other reason. Perhaps there is someone waiting for you."

... waiting for his kisses, his urgency, his ultimate possession ...

Roak, her lover — the instant she thought about it, she felt again the thrust of him between her legs. Roak, making her believe that everything was possible and nothing was forbidden.

And she hadn't forbidden it ...

"You were waiting for me."

"You are talking in riddles." She had to get back in control. "The only thing I am thinking about is going home."

"Then think about this as well, Lady Genelle. I am the man who can satisfy you ..."

Kensington Books
July 2000
ISBN: 1575665832

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