Thea Devine
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Wed Mar 16 17:14:02 EST 2005
I just stop in to say that I enjoy your books.
Jennifer Jackson
Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 17:14:02 (EST)

Mon Mar 14 19:23:04 EST 2005
cute stories. I also write and find you to be thrilling and new. Like the way you give peeks of your books out. Mt readers know what to expect from me so I never give anything away. I always suprise them. They really want to and do feel my buzz. Keep up the great work.
Shadow Lynn Parker
Here, LP USA Monday, March 14, 2005 at 19:23:04 (EST)
Fri Mar 4 01:21:17 EST 2005
I've only read one novel of yours and I was hooked. You are a hard author to find though around my town!!!
Holly Marsh
Newport, NC USA Friday, March 04, 2005 at 01:21:17 (EST)
Mon Feb 21 11:39:58 EST 2005
Why, oh why, did you make Lujan a terrible person in "Sensation?" The way the book ended, I was thinking there might be another one to carry the "rest of the story," unless there is no "rest of the story." But Kyger does leave the impression that he will have to go after Lujan. Am I reading something that is not there? Paula
Corpus Christi, TX U.S. Monday, February 21, 2005 at 11:39:58 (EST)
Mon Feb 21 00:21:17 EST 2005
Wanted to say hello to one of the most wonderful authors of our generation.
Inglis, FL USA Monday, February 21, 2005 at 00:21:17 (EST)
Sat Feb 12 19:50:02 EST 2005
Hi Thea, I had to stop by and tell you that I love your website. I also love historical romance! These are the kind of books that take me back in time. I cannot put one down once I get into it. Thank you. Keep up the great writing.
Wanda G. Maynard
Tomahawk, KY United States Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 19:50:02 (EST)
Sat Feb 12 17:04:22 EST 2005
love your books!!! if you want to come chat with us at coffee time romence please email me hugs keep up the great books!!
redding, ca shasta Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 17:04:22 (EST)
Mon Jan 31 09:11:38 EST 2005
Congratulations on your accomplishments! I am glad to see your struggles have paid off. I look forward to reading more of your work and I wish you the best in your future endeavors
Oswego, NY USA Monday, January 31, 2005 at 09:11:38 (EST)
Mon Jan 31 02:26:04 EST 2005
Thanks for being such an awesome writer! I started reading your books in H.S. Yes I'm young, but I do enjoy a good read! I always take up all night just to finish your books in peace and quiet. I just recently read Bliss Valley, it was really good. I look forward to reading more of your work in the near future. Thanks again and keep making it do what it's going to do, girl. Oh, I rank you with the author Zane. She's another great writer.
TX USA Monday, January 31, 2005 at 02:26:04 (EST)
Thu Nov 4 16:53:22 EST 2004
Just finished reading Sensation I must say I am disappointed in how Lujan's character turned out please write the ending to this saga soon!
Brunswick , ME 04011 Thursday, November 04, 2004 at 16:53:22 (EST)
Mon Nov 1 15:20:43 EST 2004
I love your books. I just finished reading Sensation and was so upset about Lujan's part I thought about it for days. Is he coming back somehow and Jancie and Gaunt what will happen to them. I keep thinking something has to exonerate Lujan's behavior, after all they were brothers.
Pam Palmateer
Merrillville, IN USA Monday, November 01, 2004 at 15:20:43 (EST)
Sat Oct 30 19:52:02 EDT 2004
I enjoyed reading Sensation but... how could you keep me hanging like this! Please let me know when will the next book coming out...
Barrington, IL US Saturday, October 30, 2004 at 19:52:02 (EDT)
Fri Oct 29 11:48:32 EDT 2004
your first book i read was secret pleasures-couldn't put it down. i have been hooked ever since. yourself and susan johnson are my favorite. keep up the good work.
panama city, fl usa Friday, October 29, 2004 at 11:48:32 (EDT)
Thu Oct 28 19:01:25 EDT 2004
I love your books and your website is awesome.
Freeport, IL united states Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 19:01:25 (EDT)
Wed Oct 27 03:08:56 EDT 2004
well there be another part to sensation please say yes.
chicago, il usa Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 03:08:56 (EDT)
Mon Oct 25 10:55:35 EDT 2004
I really luv your books,Anything with your name on I will read It. A fan always.
Jean Burris
Baton Rouge, La. U.S. Monday, October 25, 2004 at 10:55:35 (EDT)
Fri Oct 22 10:13:38 EDT 2004
You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to anything that comes out in print with your name on it. Keep up the great work! P.S. Your web site is inspired.
Atlanta, GA USA Friday, October 22, 2004 at 10:13:38 (EDT)
Fri Oct 15 03:01:35 EDT 2004
Good work! Keep it up! Thanks! Jason.
Jason Hughes
Farley Wells, Michigan United States Friday, October 15, 2004 at 03:01:35 (EDT)
Thu Oct 14 03:14:37 EDT 2004
I love your books, and you have a lovely website. Thanks for taking my mind off the bad times with characters that make me forget everything except their situation.
Cassandra McCraw
Concord, NC USA Thursday, October 14, 2004 at 03:14:37 (EDT)
Mon Oct 4 22:55:09 EDT 2004
I have read your books for years. I started with Sinful Secrets and I thought I had read everything you had ever written until I looked at your booklist. I see there is much more for me to read. I enjoy your books more than most other literature. Keep up the good stuff
Nassau, Bahamas Monday, October 04, 2004 at 22:55:09 (EDT)
Fri Sep 17 14:07:21 EDT 2004
I absolutely love your books. I have read everything you have written except the first 6 (I can't find them). I collect all of your books and may start scanning them into my computer to keep from losing them (to the destruction of time). I can't wait until the new book hits my area. I also wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your cat passing. I too am a feline lover (I have a black and white tom and a visiting siamese) and I don't know what I would do if my Spider were to pass on. I grieve with thee.
Lorton, VA US Friday, September 17, 2004 at 14:07:21 (EDT)
Fri Sep 17 13:26:33 EDT 2004
I was thumbing thru my Xandria catalog and came across one of your book titles "Satisfaction". I am purchasing this book today! I do not know if all women are like myself, but, I really enjoy reading erotic novels, stories and the like. One of my favorite writers is Harold Robbins, so what does that tell you. Anyway, I like most people enjoy reading of the "wilder side" of life. I envy your ability to write such sultry books. I look forward to reading every word over and over. Good Luck and best wishes
cindi sumrell
dallas, tx usa Friday, September 17, 2004 at 13:26:33 (EDT)
Wed Sep 1 23:15:15 EDT 2004
i have read a couple of your books wow they really are movers. had a blast reading them and also kept them for a reread, thank you very nice .also like your site keep up the great work you are one of my new favorites (i have you on fav/bookmark on my puter) be safe and god bless
brenda ziegelmeier
cincinnati, oh usa Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 23:15:15 (EDT)
Sat Aug 14 09:35:52 EDT 2004
Peace! Have been reading your books for yearsand have enjoyed them. Too bad our regular bookstores don't sell your books and the book rental store that do have them has closed.
lorna soliman
quezon city, philippines Saturday, August 14, 2004 at 09:35:52 (EDT)
Sat Aug 14 07:38:29 EDT 2004
I have been a huge fan of yours for years. I look forward to reading all of your books, and read them at least twice.
Carol Brown
Lynn, MA USA Saturday, August 14, 2004 at 07:38:29 (EDT)
Fri Aug 13 17:40:34 EDT 2004
I am a new reader and am here to stay. I really like your style of writing and any author who can keep me interested from the first page to the last page is one heck of an author because that is eactly what your books do to me. Thanks Shar
Brooksville, Fl USA Friday, August 13, 2004 at 17:40:34 (EDT)
Wed Jul 7 13:01:34 EDT 2004
Thoroughly excellent writing. Loved every second of the book. TJ
Tanya Johnson
Welling, OK USA Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 13:01:34 (EDT)
Thu Jul 1 14:26:25 EDT 2004
JAMAICA Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 14:26:25 (EDT)
Thu Jul 1 13:02:49 EDT 2004
Beautiful site!
Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 13:02:49 (EDT)
Sun Jun 20 15:40:07 EDT 2004
Your books are awesome and I enjoy them thoroughly. Only thing is though I have truoble getting my hands on them. My public Library has two and the bookstores near hear don't carry many if any but I keep trying.
Catherine Johnson
Charles City, IA United States
Fri May 21 22:04:43 EDT 2004
Just read "Satisfaction;" good story! I am curious though: Ms. Devine's female protagonist always seem to have fathers who are weak and/or bad -- does anyone else see this? If so, do you think it's autobiographical?
Valley Steam, NY USA
Thu May 20 11:00:21 EDT 2004
Sat May 1 06:39:11 EDT 2004
I love your books.
Susan Dudla
Sayreville, NJ u s
Thu Apr 22 22:29:41 EDT 2004
Your books are my "how-to" instruction manual:) I can't run out of ideas (Virgin dominatrix Dayne in "Desired", Elizabeth's pearls in "Seduction" and the delayed pleasure (what a concept!) of "Bliss River" . Your writing is inspiring. Great job.
Arvis Washington
Detroit, MI USA
Thu Apr 1 14:20:51 EST 2004
Your writing is very captivating I find my self up late at night in the dawn hours reading until I fall asleep. I love your style and stories there always exciting and dangerous.Love it keep'um coming!
Wed Mar 17 10:21:26 EST 2004
Fri Mar 12 17:54:01 EST 2004
Hi Thea, I love your books. They have ispired me very much. You have an amazing writing stile, that I cannot seem to find anywhere else. I´m sorry, if all the words are not spelt right. I am from Denmark. Take care, and god bless you. Keep up the good work! Love Thea.
Århus, Denmark
Wed Mar 3 23:24:05 EST 2004
Hi Thea :) Just wanted to say I love your books. I am hooked on them. Once I pick one up I can't seem to put it down. Looking forward to your next one in May. Cheers
New Westminster, bc CANADA
Tue Feb 17 01:33:04 EST 2004
hi. i just dropped by because i'm curious, i want to know about you more. i love to read books.
donna althea baldivia
lucena city, philippines
Sun Feb 15 18:52:18 EST 2004
HELLO, Chad James, here from MI You might remember me from The Book Worm in Saginaw, Now I'm striking out on my own :) I'm writing Because a Pal and I are starting an Online Bookstore and we are trying to gather Bookmarks/Bookflats and anything else we can get from Our author Friends, to give away to our customers..... When the store is actually Open :) Can You help us Out? LOVE YOUR BOOKS BY THE WAY :) You are very important to us and our readers, Our Website will be up soon, it's a s l o w process to get it up and operational :) The Online bookstore Address is: Book Cove 2004 c/o Chad James & Mark Hitz (Owners) 201 South Colony Drive # E Saginaw, MI 48603-6018 USA Anything would be greatly appreciated, also please keep us On your mailing List :) Sincerely, Chad and Mark (Owners, BookCove2004@Aol.Com)
Saginaw, MI USA
Mon Jan 26 22:55:50 EST 2004
The first book I ever read with a story you wrote was in Captivated, I read that book 3 times, I finished it in one day the first time I read it. I look forward to reading more of your books.
Annette J. Reed
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Sun Jan 4 17:39:27 EST 2004
You are a genius! When I saw the book Beyond Desire I knew I couldn't ignore the Queen of Erotic romance! It was such a good book and I absolutely adore Cullhane, he's so sexy!You are my knew favorite romance author and I can't wait to read more! Keep up the fabulous work!
Marina Serdyuk
Lakewood, CO USA
Sun Jan 4 11:17:57 EST 2004
Can't wait for May!! I will be on the lookout at my local Waldens in EXTREME anticipation.
Inglis, FL USA
Mon Dec 22 15:31:22 EST 2003
I have a new profound fascination for "pearls" (Seduction).
Michele Epperson
Philadelphia, PA US
Tue Dec 9 11:10:58 EST 2003
Happy Holidays.
Romaine Zelewski
Waupaca, WI United States
Wed Dec 3 05:16:47 EST 2003
Your books are so hot and wicked: love them and read them to pieces! Keep up the good work! Thnx and happy holidays.
Fri Nov 7 17:01:34 EST 2003
Got hook on your writing when I read Captivated.
Pasadena, Ca USA
Tue Oct 21 20:14:34 EDT 2003
Just wanted to say thank you for so many great books to enjoy! I love your work!
Thu Oct 2 01:47:39 EDT 2003
The first book I read whetted my appetite, you write hot. It was about a girl who came from India and got involved secretely with her stepson. He wanted her though he didn"t like her. Anyway, thank you for writing these stories. And another thing, I like the jewelries, this is where I discovered that they even existed:)
Bacolod City, Philippines
Tue Sep 30 08:00:06 EDT 2003
Hello to all who have posted; I'm sorry there have been problems with my email. I'll check it out. To Thea Wingert -- I was named FOR a grandparent, does that count? To Alexandra de Lisle: Alexandra is one of my favorite heroine names. I keep lists of names that appeal to me and de Lisle happened to be on that list when I was choosing names for the characters in BEYOND DESIRE (reissue Oct 03). To everyone else who has posted, thank you so much again. I read all your messages and I'm delighted you're enjoying the books. Thank you for all your kind words. Now for updates: there will be a brand new erotic historical romance, SATISFACTION, in May 04, featuring two brothers, the second of whom will be featured in his own story in the succeeding book, as yet untitled or scheduled. I hope you will look for that, and for I LOVE ROGUES in December, where, in "All the Secret Pleasures", the widowed Lady Corinna is perfectly determined to take lovers and not ever have a husband again, and her one-time love Simon is equally determined not to be sidetracked by her presence in his serious quest to find a wife. Many thanks again. Love, Thea
Thea Devine

Mon Sep 29 18:44:19 EDT 2003
Hey! My name's Thea too! Did your grandparents name you? Every other Thea I know was named by their grandparents
Thea Wingert
Thu Sep 11 10:40:46 EDT 2003
Dear Thea, I have tried to email you with no luck! I share the same name as one of the characters in your new book and would love to know how you heard of the name as its quite unusual! Do please let me know and also if you book will be published in the UK as I'd love to read it! All the best, Alexandra
Alexandra de Lisle
London, UK
Tue Sep 2 09:56:41 EDT 2003
Thea, I have just started reading your books and love them. Keep writing and i will keep reading them. Jessica
Jessica Cooley
Carrollton, Tx USA
Thu Aug 28 08:41:56 EDT 2003
iam an avid romance reader,when i read BLISS RIVER i fell in love with ur writing .Thea u automatically became my favorite romance only problem is how to find ur books here in Nigeria. please could u suggest easier and quicker medium for me to get ur books.
chinenye ofortube
lagos mainland, Lagos state nigeria
Tue Jul 29 00:11:07 EDT 2003
Keep your wonderful books coming our way!
Donna Latty
Baldwin, Ga USA
Sun Jul 20 20:45:03 EDT 2003
My first book DESIRE ME ONLY amazing book looking for more can't wait till I read more . New reader who can't wait to read more.
Rocklege, Fl U.S.A.
Fri Jul 11 21:36:27 EDT 2003
I recently found a copy of ANGEL EYES from 1991, great book!
boonville, MO usa
Fri Jul 4 23:20:26 EDT 2003
I love your books....the web site is great and unique. The pearls are a great addition..looks wonderful Can;t wait for next novel!!!!!
englewood, nj usa
Mon Jun 30 22:22:27 EDT 2003
Love your historical romances. I wait to read your next one. Keep them coming and I'll be one the first to read it.
Mary H
Tue Jun 3 20:18:43 EDT 2003
Just finishing up Desired, my first read, excellant.
Jenny S.
Kansas City, MO USA
Thu May 29 17:05:37 EDT 2003
Just read the "forever kiss" -- is the story going to continue?
Valley Stream, NY USA
Wed May 7 17:43:57 EDT 2003
BLISS RIVER kept my friend and I awake and alert on the drive back from the OWFI conference this past weekend - then WE kept our HUSBANDS awake and alert that night!
Catherine Rosenbalm Adams
Fort Worth, TX USA
Mon May 5 20:52:06 EDT 2003
I love your writting style, your characters are very strong and real. Thank you for you books.
Laura A. Chong
Waimanalo, HI United States
Mon May 5 15:06:28 EDT 2003
Thea, My best friend and I happened to read your novella in Captivated and after that, we were both hooked! Since then, we have been buying and sharing all the books of yours, old and new, that we can find in stores and online. Love you website. Keep us updated on anything new!~
Wed Apr 23 22:37:14 EDT 2003
Hi Thea, I finally caught up with "TAKEN BY SURPRISE" and your "HER LORD AND MASTER". Wow, what a story, a very new and different plot, out of the normal romance genre. I really enjoyed your charismatic characters and touch of suspense. As always, its a "great read" if its by Thea Devine. Thanks again for hours of enjoyable reading. A Fan, Pat
Henderson, NV USA
Wed Apr 16 18:53:24 EDT 2003
I just finished your story in I couldn't put the book down. Keep 'em coming Thea!
Sat Apr 12 13:20:33 EDT 2003
Hello, What a beautiful and awesome site. I adore what you've done with your setup and graphics. I recently built a new home page of my own, so I'm doubly impressed. Thanks you so much Belinda

Sun Apr 6 21:27:35 EDT 2003
Keep up the excellent work!!!!!
Luray, Tn usa
Mon Mar 31 22:08:56 EST 2003
Thea Devine, even your name holds a special significance.I've noticed that all your books somewhat intermingle with each other.I too wish to be a writer one day. And, also, i like your writing style, it's easy to read and very much enjoyable. anyways, just want to say, hope you continue writing more books.
Wajiha Mukati
Orlando, FL USA
Thu Mar 20 17:57:23 EST 2003
I am pleased to have found your website. I recently discovered your books and I truly like them. You have written many books and am sorry some of them are out of print. Is there anyway I can purchased out of print books by you?
Mandy W.
Markham, IL United States
Sun Mar 16 18:26:46 EST 2003
I just love to read your books. I discovered your book a few months ago and I just can't stop looking for others.
Carolyn Loyacano-Filby
Delaware, OH Delaware
Wed Mar 12 19:34:05 EST 2003
Dear Thea hello, i love to read historical romances and i came across you from one of the anthologies captivated. it was that story that got me started on all of your other books. you are a amazing author and i love all your work.
auckland, new zealand
Wed Mar 12 16:19:41 EST 2003
I love the way you write please more and more often. It's been a long cold winter, your books heat up the nights. ca
C. D. Adams
Danville, VA USA
Sun Mar 9 23:31:50 EST 2003
I just started reading your book's and so far i love them. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read your upcoming books.
CT United States
Mon Feb 24 00:26:24 EST 2003
I realy enjoy your books, Ido not read that wel butt Ido like your books and some others to.
tracy hashey
st.albert, alta canada
Sat Feb 22 08:58:08 EST 2003
I love your site! It was just too cool the way the words appear so slowly..seductively. I was very impresed!
Penny Jones
Gilmer, TX USA
Wed Feb 19 21:12:49 EST 2003
hI, THEA i JUST LOVE YOUR WRITING I spend oddles of money at boders and walden every chance I get and I never pass yo by a friend introduced me to your books I started with the Lover and all I can say is WOW !!!! keep up the good work and seduuctive writng Lois
Lois Nalls
Chicago , il USA
Sat Feb 15 11:40:00 EST 2003
Sorry Thea, I thought Bliss River was awful. How in the world (I'm a pubbed romance author) could you waste pages and pages on "nipples"!!! (Reading about them made mine sore, not aroused!) I had loved your books, but not this one! You must have not known where to go with your story, or needed to fill up X number of pages.
Sat Feb 8 18:54:10 EST 2003
Your one of the best...keep writing and I will keep buying!!!
Waukon, Ia USA
Wed Jan 29 22:29:27 EST 2003
How can I get copies of your out of print books...will there be editions printed at a later date? I truly enjoy your writing.
Tiki Cook
Detroit, MI USA
Mon Jan 27 23:56:10 EST 2003
hi thea, i just found your website, and i am looking forward to reading your books. take care and stay warm. hehehehe. ciao for now, Quetzi ~¿~
Quetzi P. Fernald
South bend, In usa
Sat Jan 25 18:56:56 EST 2003
I enjoy your books.
Pat Beattie
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Sat Jan 18 11:55:48 EST 2003
Thu Jan 16 20:40:37 EST 2003
i dont have a conputer so i am using the libraries. but i wanted to let you know how much i enjoy your stories.i have all of your antholges.look forward to your next one. please send bulletins if its possible. thanks.
sylvia berndt 5300 hendrickson cir
anchorage, ak 99507 usa
Wed Jan 15 13:12:34 EST 2003
Found your talks at Orange County chapter of Romance Writers of America very humorous and helpful. Thanks
Dee Ann Palmer
Redlands, CA U.S.A.
Wed Jan 15 11:17:13 EST 2003
Your story "Her Lord & Master in the book "Taken By Surprise" was outstanding !!!!! Was worth the wait... Please keep up ALL the great work you do. Connie
Jacksonville, NC USA
Fri Jan 10 19:54:11 EST 2003
Madame Devine, you are the greatest! I am new to your novels, but a devoted fan nonetheless. Having recently discovered your wonderful work, I was quite upset when I realized a good many of your books are out of print. However, I've been tracking them down online and will not rest until I've read them all. Thank you so very much for all your fabulous writings!
Augusta, GA USA
Wed Jan 8 12:20:36 EST 2003
how do I get a copy of Secret Pleasures?
waterloo, on canada
Wed Jan 8 02:29:32 EST 2003
just got through reading Desired. It was my first erotic romance novel and I loved it. What a thrill to read. will definitely be reading more of Ms. Devine's work.
Kapolei, HI USA
Fri Jan 3 19:38:43 EST 2003
Dear Ms devine,I have read and enjoyed all of your most recent publications and am now interested in finding some of your earlier works. As they seem to be out of print, could you suggest where I might be able to access these gems? Regards, and do keep up the good work. Katherine Ernst
Katherine Ernst
Carlisle, Ontario Canada
Tue Dec 31 10:55:48 EST 2002
Just picked up Taken by Surprise. I have found that I can't read your books at work during my breaks and lunch time. They are just too much for the office. Can't wait to read this new one.
Sioux City, IA US
Sun Dec 29 00:39:58 EST 2002
Tue Dec 10 22:09:10 EST 2002
I have decided that you are my favorite author. Whenever I get my hands on other one of your books, I read it all at once. Not a bit at a time. They are just too good! And real. If I may be blunt, the sex in your books is real. Not the sweet-wordy-leave out the good stuff that most other writers put out there. Keep up the good work! Happy holidays!
San Jose, CA
Fri Dec 6 11:02:18 EST 2002
Hi Thea, I really enjoyed seeing you again in Reno, RT is always so much fun. Congrats on the new contract, I am always happy to see new books from you. Hope to see you next year.
Terry Miller
Hot Springs, AR USA
Fri Nov 29 03:43:10 EST 2002
I have got to have just about all your books. I'm so excited to hear your going to write 3 more books. I'll be checking out your site eagerly awaiting the next titles!
Yuba City, ca United States
Wed Nov 27 12:59:56 EST 2002
Love your writing! You are an inspiration to me as an aspiring writer of sensual romances.
Deena Glass
Fairfield, PA United States
Sat Nov 23 20:47:05 EST 2002
The first book of yours I read was Desire Me Only. It was so hot, I felt it to my toes! I couldn't put the book down and ended up reading it in one sitting. I have found my new favorite author! Keep 'em cumming!
Jennifer Finn
Laguna Hills, CA USA
Sun Nov 10 00:36:29 EST 2002
Your books make me wanna touch myself in places we don't even know exist!
terry bomb
Sun Nov 3 09:09:32 EST 2002
Hi Thea - I love your books [very sexy and hot]! The pages burned my fingers. :-) Keep up the good work.
Mrs. Kelly L. Roman
Hendersonville, TN USA
Mon Oct 21 13:22:17 EDT 2002
have everyone stoped writing the medevil era
lucille fairfield
jackson, tn usa
Sat Oct 19 17:24:31 EDT 2002
I'm a big fan of your work.The very first romance novel I ever read was "Montana Mistress" one of my mother's friends left over our house. I was just 14 years-old at the time & I've been reading romance novel ever since.
Nickiemia Dowdy (Nikki)
High Point, NC USA
Thu Oct 17 12:57:16 EDT 2002
I wish the men in your books really existed in this world!
Trish Norman
Knoxville, TN U.S.
Sun Oct 13 18:49:09 EDT 2002
I absolutely love your works. I can't for the new releases. Can you please tell when I can expect them?
Staniscia Charlemagne
Brooklyn, NY USA
Wed Oct 2 00:09:11 EDT 2002
If I had a choice to read any author, it would be you. I especialy love your Historical romances.
Rives, Tn USA
Sat Sep 28 00:03:01 EDT 2002
Thea, you are an amazing author! I wish you the best of luck on future novels and keep up the excellent writing!
DeAnna Thomas
Donaldsonville, LA United States
Mon Sep 16 01:46:59 EDT 2002
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your books. The last one I read was Bliss River. Outstanding work. I look forward to reading your next book.
Rives, Tn US
Wed Sep 11 15:42:18 EDT 2002
I absolutely adore your talent for creating such throbbing sensuality between well-matched heros and heroines. Most especially fond of Montana Mistress (my introduction to your work) and Seductive (sizzling hot!). If you would only find it in your heart to give your future couples a push towards more "outward" declarations of love, I would be sublimely happy! Hope to collect ALL of your books, particularly the out-of-print ones! Thank you for your wonderful scenes of tireless intimate love!!! You are a remarkable woman indeed, Thea! Don't stop!
Quebec, CANADA
Mon Sep 9 10:36:44 EDT 2002
love your books, i hope i can have even just 1 book signed by yours. i have a lot of collection of you
dennis ryan c. afable
santa rosa,laguna, Philippines
Tue Sep 3 09:56:39 EDT 2002
Miss Thea, Loved your book Bliss River, You are the best. PLEASE keep writing.I enjoy all of them, :-) Connie
Jacksonville, NC USA
Sun Sep 1 09:14:38 EDT 2002
Love your books. They are hard to find.
Sherry Jordan
Brookfield, WI USA
Fri Aug 23 11:58:46 EDT 2002
love your books .they are so full of passion they grab my imagination keep writing
kim percival
rockville, md usa
Sat Aug 17 17:00:04 EDT 2002
i enjoy reading your books all the time. thanks for the get away.
alyce ramirez
miami, fl usa
Mon Aug 12 02:24:18 EDT 2002
Love your books. I pick one up every chance I get. Keep up the good work.
Kittanning, PA U.S.A.
Sat Aug 10 13:42:45 EDT 2002
Dear Ms.Thea Devine, I have read all your books that I fined .Went are your new books going to be releast. B.A.M.
Memphis, Tn. U.S.A.
Mon Aug 5 11:55:31 EDT 2002
Hi Thea I love all your books but I'm having difficulty getting them out here so I need to know how to order via credit card or money order from your publishers.
Marcia Donaldson
Kingston, Jamaica
Wed Jul 31 18:46:08 EDT 2002
Hi Thea how are you? Just a little note to tell you that I just finished reading Swept Away and as always I have enjoyed very much. I love your love sessions, wow. Leslie and Hunter wonderful couple, I liked Leslie because she was a downtoearth woman. Great story Thea. Sincerely, Elsa
Elsa R Touceda
Lodi, NJ USA
Fri Jul 26 03:54:50 EDT 2002
Thea, I have enjoyed all of your books that I have read todate.
Darlene Howard
Phoenix, Arizona United States
Fri Jul 12 19:04:41 EDT 2002
LOVED your part in "Captivated"! I have read some of your others. Looking for more!!! Keep it rolling!!!!
Missy Castetter
Bristol, IN usa
Thu Jul 11 12:06:02 EDT 2002
just to let you know i love love your stories. once i got hooked i found all of your out of print books and enjoy reading them over and over again. i have been reading the messages left to you on the board and for those that are trying to find your out of print books they should try these places. need credit card. also need credit card. might need credit card, but most take checks and money orders. i also heard of a new once called i will check this one out and let you know.
brooklyn, ny
Thu Jul 11 11:03:55 EDT 2002
Hi, My name is Drahane Joseph and i am a great fan of your books and it has been a pleasure for me to read them. However, it is difficult to find any of your books, specially the books that i would like to read (out of print). If you have a suggestion on how to obtain those books i would like to know or you could just bring them back again. Please don't take to long . Again it a please to meet you (so to speak) and look foward to your response.
Drahane Joseph
Somerville, MA US
Sun Jul 7 16:14:56 EDT 2002
lanese owens
atlanta, GA usa
Fri Jul 5 17:55:50 EDT 2002
Who needs batteries with books like these?
San Diego, CA USA
Wed Jun 26 20:20:50 EDT 2002
I love your books! Lots of fun, and very erotic.
A. Rosewood
Tue Jun 25 19:01:13 EDT 2002
Thea, About a year ago I came across a book by Robin Schone. I have been reading romance since I was about 11, thanks to my Grandma, and I have always wished that the romances had more...something. When I bought "A Lady's Tutor", I had finally found it. The eroticism. The heat, the lust, the craziness that I felt inside but it seemed was taboo to write or speak about. And while I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Schone, I still felt I like it wasn't quite enough. I was tired of the softening, shall I say. Then I picked up "Sinful Secrets". Oh My God!!!! Your novel couldn't have been any better if I had written you and told you my deepest fantasy. Vampires, mayhem, danger and screamingly hot sex. Since I have also bought several other of your single titles as well as anthologies you have contributed to. I even pulled out my boxes of serial romances and read the Temptation-Blaze novel I had in there. AWESOME!!!! You are absolutely amazing and I appreciate every word that you have put to paper. Sincerely, Elspeth
Columbus, OH USA
Mon Jun 24 22:07:39 EDT 2002
Thea, have read three of your books and one short story in a compilation and noted you read manuscripts. I have completed four comtemporary adventure romance novles which are somewhat erotic. These novels read like Clive Cussler meets Nora Roberts with a heavy dose of Thea Divine for heat. Like J.D. Robb, Evanovich and others my novels stand alone but are the ongoing love story of a two couples and the people around them. I am working on a fifth, about half done and have two more planned. Help a struggling?
Vince Saccardi <none>
Charlotte, NC USA
Wed Jun 19 20:25:03 EDT 2002
I love your web-page, very creative but why would I doubted.
Elsa Raquel Touceda
Lodi, NJ United States
Wed Jun 12 23:46:58 EDT 2002
Thea, I first picked up one of your books about a year ago. I just wanted to check out your writing style because you were a name I hadn't heard before. After reading it I couldn't believe I hadn't already heard of you.I'm 18 years old and have been an avid romance reader for atleast 4 years. Not until I started reading your books had I found just the right amount of everything in one book. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment that have come from reading your books! I especially love historical romance novels. I can't wait to read your next book. Thanks again! Best of luck :)
* Sarah *
Cleveland, Oh U.S.
Fri Jun 7 14:09:42 EDT 2002
i can only say that my husband gets all the benefits of your novels.
jeanine celentano
hodgkins, il usa
Sat Jun 1 21:52:20 EDT 2002
best stuff i've ever read!!!!!
lynette barrett
lakewood, oh usa
Sat Jun 1 10:54:00 EDT 2002
I love your books!!! Keep them coming!!!
Colette Frodl <MSN/DellNet>
Whitewater, WI USA
Mon May 27 19:53:56 EDT 2002
I just read Desire Me Only,it was fantastic, I couldn't put it down.. It was my first time reading any of your books but it won't be the last. I look forward to reading more. Keep up the great writting.
Christine Archambault
Montreal, Canada
Sun May 26 13:10:38 EDT 2002
I sure have an obsession now. Whenever I pick up one of your books, I can't put it down. My husband is jealous, but when I read certain little tidbits to him, he changes his mind and tells me to keep on reading!!!!Capitivated, Facinated, Sheer Pleasures!!!! Wow, Need to say MORE? Keep it coming Thea!
Houston, TX United States
Wed May 22 07:56:40 EDT 2002
Lisa Owen
Staunton, VA USA
Wed May 15 11:46:35 EDT 2002
I love your books! Especially those published through Kensington! Thanks!
Linda Moore
Katy, TX U.S.A.
Tue May 14 11:31:32 EDT 2002
Hi, Have bought (and will buy more!), read and enjoyed some of your books. I love the idea of erotic romances and compared to the standard (romance). Now finally, there's something for everyone! I know I will continue to enjoy your books because you're not afraid to let a reader know the depth and total feeling of true romance and the sex that goes with it. For you can't have one without the other! Keep writing and never stop! A true fan! Claudia
Claudia Falls-Rafter
Shamokin, PA USA
Tue May 14 10:44:01 EDT 2002
Hi just finished your book Secret Pleasures. Fabulous!!!!I picked up the book on a visit to florida recently. It was sexy, suspenseful. I've enjoyed all your books I've been able to get. Please keep up the great work. I've got all my friends in toronto reading you , Robin Schone and Susan Johnson. Great work ladies. Looking forward to your next book.
dawn maywood
toronto, Canada
Wed May 8 20:17:24 EDT 2002
I loved your book Seductive. Great. I want to read all your books.
Jenifer Whisper
San Diego, CA USA
Wed May 8 20:16:52 EDT 2002
I loved your book Seductive. Great. I want to read all your books.
Jenifer Whispe
San Diego, CA USA
Wed Apr 24 20:24:57 EDT 2002
Thanks for all the great books that have helped me survive some serious medical problems that have forced me to be housebound....keep the great books coming
Wed Apr 24 14:16:03 EDT 2002
I really enjoy your books. Thank you for making my train rides so entertaining.
Madeline Mercado
Brooklyn, NY USA
Tue Apr 23 14:25:40 EDT 2002
I really love Thea Divine books! They are so hot, they arrive sizzling! Thanks for the wonderful, sexy reads!!
Cynthia Martin
Salt Lake City, UT USA
Tue Apr 23 11:54:00 EDT 2002
Have read your books for years. Your quote at the top of your web page pretty much sums up my thought process. Best of everything to you, Thea. dmb
Donna Brown <>
Branchburg, NJ USA
Tue Apr 23 11:28:50 EDT 2002
Thea, just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your work. My husband and I have put your books to good use. We read them together daily. Thanks for sharing.
Phoenix, AZ USA
Sat Apr 20 12:33:53 EDT 2002
I've read your sexy book for years--and just had one of my own published: A Sensual Victorian Romance entitled THE RELUCTANT DUKE. Why not stop by and check my reviews? Thanks.
Joan <>
Sussex, NJ USA
Fri Apr 19 20:47:43 EDT 2002
Ms.Devine, I've been reading your work for years! I can't get enough. I can't wait until July! I'll be in line on June 30th!! :) The only sad note....Jan. is 9 months away!!! Please keep the novels coming! Luv, Bonnie
Bonnie Camak
Owings Mills, MD
Sat Apr 6 17:00:39 EST 2002
Thea...You are soooo very sinful...and I love it! Thank you for putting into words those sensual thoughts only some of us dare to imagine. You are truly a gem and I will keep reading and reading and reading. Please...keep writing and writing and writing!
Carole Gerchy
Corona, Ca 92883
Tue Mar 26 01:04:39 EST 2002
After I read one book I can't wait to read another. My favorite are your historcal romances.
Mary Heisse
Rives, Tn U.S.A.
Thu Mar 21 21:18:09 EST 2002
Ausome books. There aren't alot of words to describe. They are sensual, they catch ahold of you to the very end. I can't put them down when I start them. I can't wait for new ones.
Billie Jo Kelley
Towanda, PA U.S.A.
Thu Mar 21 15:18:20 EST 2002
Hi Thea, the first book i read was in captivated. I loved it so much i'm trying to get all of your books.I'm in the middle of Desire Me Only, and i can't put it down. Thank you for giving us the best reading ever. :o)
laplace, la 70068
Fri Mar 15 03:02:08 EST 2002
Thea I swear! You only get better and better.Is it just me or is it getting warm in here :O)--Michael Powazinik, President RWA/New York City Chapter
Michael J. Powazinik
Brooklyn, NY USA
Tue Mar 12 14:10:38 EST 2002
I have read all of your books and continue to look for new ones. Already read Desire Me Only, am now looking for the next new title....Please keep writing!!!
Rozlynn Mundy
Chicago, IL USA
Sat Mar 9 07:29:34 EST 2002
Love the extracts from your book, i'm racing to Amazon right now to order! For that's what your works are, pure racing erotica!
Chastity DeFaulter

Fri Mar 8 09:25:10 EST 2002
Hi Thea, I've read your story "Dark Desires" in Captivated, and i liked it very much. Now i want to buy more books of you.
Leuny van Noorloos
The Netherlands
Wed Mar 6 19:25:42 EST 2002
more books, please!!!!!
Betty Wood
Horseheads, NY USA
Wed Mar 6 13:50:22 EST 2002
I read "Seductive". It was the best book I've ever read. Please tell me where to find your books, the older ones seem to be out of print. ca
Carolyn D. Adams
Danville, VA United States
Tue Mar 5 12:27:02 EST 2002
I have enjoyed your books the ones that I could get my hands on; but you have some that have been discontinued and I haven't been able to locate any of them in second hand book stores. I was wondering in the future if you would possibly re-release these books. I would really like to add them to my already growing collections of your books. I am a very picky reader; but you just have a way of writing that pulls me in. I would love to read further. I look forward any new releases.
Colby Ryan Johnson
Oklahoma City, OK USA
Sun Mar 3 19:51:50 EST 2002
I just wanted to say I love both your books and web page. Thanks.
Dawn K. Fenton
Green River, WY United States
Sat Mar 2 22:13:22 EST 2002
Love your books, but please update your home page.
Carrie Dent
Denver, CO USA
Fri Feb 22 08:57:36 EST 2002
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. I have been reading your books ever since I stumbled over the first printing of DESIRE ME ONLY years ago. That book is in my keeper pile. Keep it up!!!
Thu Feb 14 01:30:48 EST 2002
I enjoy your books

Sun Feb 10 00:08:51 EST 2002
I have just looked through your site and will now be looking for your books everywhere!

Thu Jan 31 19:22:16 EST 2002
I just read an excerpt from your book! I can't wait to get your latest and others! Deborah Kemp Author of Kyoto Connection and Kiss of the Geisha
Deborah Kemp <>
Fitchburg, MA USA
Fri Jan 25 16:44:58 EST 2002
Love your style of writing. Kristie Leigh Maguire, author of Desert Triangle, Emails from the Edge, co-author of No Lady and Her Tramp and contributor to Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
Kristie Leigh Maguire <>

Fri Jan 25 00:44:42 EST 2002
I have already signed your guest book...i just wanted to tell you that I think your newest contest is so grand...I hope the winner has never owned a pair of pearls...that would just make it even more special.... You are an awsome person!!! CeeCee
Eden, NC USA
Sat Jan 19 21:14:03 EST 2002
Just wanted to let you know I received the book from the December contest. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I can't wait to read it and also Desire Me Only, which I just picked up today. It will be a toss up which one I read first, but I know neither will be left waiting long. I hope to read all your books. Again thank you.
Sioux City, IA
Sun Jan 13 16:08:12 EST 2002
I love your books, but I seem to have a difficult time finding them in the local bookstores.
Dawn C. Beaver
Columbia, SC USA
Fri Jan 11 12:28:10 EST 2002
Just love your books, I think I've read them all. Please keep them coming.
Connie Wenner
Jacksonville, NC USA
Tue Jan 8 12:33:36 EST 2002
I just finished "All Through The Night" and it was spectacular!! I can't wait for more.
Milwaukee, Wi
Sun Jan 6 00:22:35 EST 2002
I've greatly enjoyed all of your books. I'm an avid romance reader and hope to publish one of my own someday

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